Our purpose is pets. Our passion is people.

Our Identity

CityVet is a general veterinary practice that strives to balance complete, competent, convenient, and compassionate service with affordability. With costs well below the industry and regional averages, we are the smart choice for your veterinary and pet care service needs.

What makes CityVet different?

As CityVet Veterinarians –

We believe quality pet care, food, medicines and pet supplies should be affordable for all caring and responsible pet owners, and that good choices for essential pet care and products should be clearly defined and easy to understand.  From wading through unreliable pet food and product marketing to providing transparent options for your pets medical care, we want to be your expert consultant, your  one-stop provider, your partner for your pet’s care  – that is our goal, and what we call  Vet led Complete Pet Care.

We believe

  1. High Quality Vet Care doesn’t have to be expensive, and that pet owners should have clear options and affordable choices for all circumstances.
  2. Healthy Pet Food makes a big difference and choosing a good pet food shouldn’t be difficult, but unfortunately you can’t trust the marketing on bags or the TV commercials – pet food marketing has made it nearly impossible to understand what is good nutrition and if what you are buying is worth what you paying – so we do the research for you and sell only healthy foods that our vets feed their pets and do so at the lowest price we can – so you can trust what you buy without worrying about price or nutrition.
  3. Heartworm Prevention and Flea Control products are basic health essentials and should be safe, effective and affordable  – the prevalent TV commercials for pet medications being cheaper on-line isn’t true if CityVet is your Vet.  We understand how important these medications are for your pet’s health so as your partner in health care we are committed to researching every product on the market, stocking our shelves with only the best products, and then beating or meeting every other retailer with our every day pricing for you.
  4. Boarding your pet shouldn’t be stressful or costly – so we focus on providing practical, comfortable, and affordable boarding services with Veterinarians nearby and always on-call.
  5. Bathing and Grooming services are more convenient when your veterinarian is available on-site to update the common pet health requirements necessary, address common health issues like fleas and ear infections, and be there to fix problems should they occur (razor burn, clipper cuts, etc.).
  6.  Essential pet supplies should be safe and work –  from healthy treats or supplements, safe and fashionable collars, to cat litter and shampoos our focus is on quality, safety, utility and what our Veterinarians use for their pets.  We continually research the market and stock our centers with Veterinarian Certified pet products that our Veterinarians stand behind.
  7. Pet care should be more fun and less hassle – so we have made Client Conveniences one of our top priorities; we are constantly striving to make pet care easier and more convenient for you.
  8. People in the pet care industry should love pets and people, not just pets or a paycheck  – we strive to maintain and reward a team of knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and compassionate individuals that really care – for your pet and you!
  9. Veterinary clinics should be owned and operated by Veterinarians – Your Veterinarian is your best source of information and recommendations for your pet’s complete care…food, treats, supplies, training, grooming, boarding, medical etc. – so CityVet has made a commitment to always remain Veterinarian Owned and Veterinarian Led – which means our priority will always remain on what is good for our clients and their pets, not just profit.
  10.  A People Centered approach to Complete Pet Care is what pet owners want:
      • Accessible Veterinarians and Team – that are competent and reliable
      • Medical care, products and services that Veterinarians stand behind
      • Recommendations, options and choices – nothing unnecessary, no hard selling
      • Affordable, transparent, no surprise costs or fees
      • A trustworthy team that really cares
Our Mission

The CityVet Mission is “to provide a people-centered, complete pet care experience.”

Our Promise

We believe the Golden Rule should apply to our work serving people and their pets, to treat you as we would want to be treated and to treat your pets as our own.

Therefore, our mission is to provide a people-centered, complete pet-care experience, delivered by a team of compassionate, friendly, and reliable professionals that constantly strive to meet and exceed your expectations for value and service.

We understand that the pet care experience can be stressful at times due to constraints on finances, time, and in some cases, the pressure associated with an uncertain outcome.

Therefore, we promise that we will present our products and services in a manner that provides you with clear and complete information, makes you aware of all options, and strives to keep you in control of decisions related to the care of your pet, while also providing honest and open communication regarding all costs and fees. We will do our very best to maintain our appointment schedule and treat your time as valuable while also making the experience as convenient as possible for you and your pet.

Finally, we believe that honest feedback is invaluable in allowing us to continue to improve and keep our promise to you both now and in the future.  We welcome your comments and invite you to share those comments, whether positive or negative, with any member of our team at any time.

Our Role

The best care for your pet comes from a lifetime approach supported by the guidance of a trusted veterinary team. Therefore, we view our role as a partnership — based on trust and aimed at providing you with information, products, and services delivered with you and your pets’ best interests at heart. We serve many different kinds of people and recognize that some want only the best no matter the cost, and others need options. Everyone’s situation is different, so we make a conscious effort to maintain a team of competent and caring individuals, and encourage you to select a veterinarian that best suits you and your pet.