Clean pets make for happy pets and happy pet owners.

We offer full bathing and grooming services for cats and dogs at our clinics and Ruffit locations. Your pet can come for a spa day, haircut and style, or a simple nail trim!

Basic Bath includes:
  • Shampoo & Dry
Bath Works includes:
  • Shampoo & Dry, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim, and Anal Gland Expression
Grooming includes:
  • Shampoo & Dry, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim, and Anal Gland Expression
  • Haircut & Style (standard for predominant breed)
Medicated Baths

Medicated baths are commonly used to treat itchy skin or conditions such as seborrhea. Skin problems can be caused by many things, and medicated baths are usually recommended after your pet has been examined and the problem has been properly diagnosed by one of our veterinarians.

Our Rates

Prices listed are base prices and subject to the condition of the coat and skin, and the size and temperament of your pet. Additional fees may apply. Please call us for more information and to reserve your appointment.

Bathing PricesGrooming Prices

Facility Requirements

For the health and protection of your pet and all pets in our facility, we require that dogs and cats be properly immunized and free from fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites in order to be admitted for services such as boarding, day care, and grooming. If your pet is not current, we will be happy to update the necessary requirements at our regular rates; otherwise, your pet may be required to be held in isolation.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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