We offer boarding services for dogs, cats, and exotics.

Ruffit is not a luxury pet spa and resort. Dogs and cats don’t care about decor or amenities; they care about feeling secure, comfortable, and well-cared for while they are with us. Our goal is to provide our clients with the convenience of one-stop shopping and the unique benefit of veterinary supervision. In addition to offering boarding for dogs at Ruffit, we also offer comfortable, quiet boarding facilities at each of our veterinary clinics for your cats, exotics, and any pets with medical conditions that require extra care.

Day Play is interactive group play for dogs. It is not for every dog, and not for every dog owner. Day Play is not the same as the dog park, where owners take care and watch after one dog — their dog. Day Play is a supervised recess for social dogs that enjoy romping and playing with other dogs. Activities include group play, people play, nap time, exercise class, interactive learning, and a whole lot of barking.

Boarding Accommodations
  • Studio – An intimate, cozy, crate-sized room, perfect for dogs that prefer privacy. Studios minimize empty space that can cause anxiety. This accommodation is ideal for dogs that need their own “den” and owners who want to save some money.
  • Loft – A larger and roomier, run-sized room, designed for more social dogs and larger breeds.
Our Rates

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Facility Requirements

For the health and protection of your pet and all pets in our facility, we require that dogs and cats be properly immunized and free from fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites in order to be admitted for services such as boarding, day play, and grooming. If your pet is not current, we will be happy to update immunizations (fees apply); otherwise, your pet may be required to be held in isolation.

Please Note: If you have not provided proof of current immunizations within 4 hours of drop off, your pet will be given the appropriate vaccines and the charges will be added to your invoice.

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Risks + Common Concerns
  • Bringing Personal Property – We request that you leave only essential property for your pet’s stay (i.e. prescription diets, medications). With a heavy emphasis on hygiene and sanitation, we require all items to be laundered daily, including bedding and toys. If you insist on leaving other personal property, it will most likely be held in a bin and not with your pet, and we cannot guarantee these items will be returned in the same condition.
  • Water / Food Phenomenon – Even though most pets keep themselves hydrated during their stay, some commonly go straight to their food and water dishes and gulp large amounts as soon as they return home. This is because they are happy to be back in familiar surroundings and able to get back to their normal routine; not because they weren’t properly fed or watered while boarding.
  • Respiratory Infection / Kennel Cough – Like kids, dogs trade germs when in close proximity. Some carry germs without showing any symptoms, so it is impossible for us to prevent exposure, even with perfect sanitation. This is why we require a Bordetella (BV) vaccination every 6 months (it does not last a full year). This immunization decreases the chance of infection and minimizes severity if an infection occurs. Coughing dogs are immediately isolated, but transmission is rapid, so there is still risk.
  • Day Play Risk of Injury – Day Play is hazardous. Most injuries that occur during Day Play occur instantaneously between two dogs before an attendant even has a chance to react. Do not expect any day care facility to be able to protect your dog perfectly and completely from other dogs if the dogs are allowed the freedom to be off-leash together. Even one attendant per dog could not prevent many of the fights and bites that happen in a moment’s time. We treat Day Play injuries as they occur and as inexpensively as we can, but the risk of having to pay for your pet’s injuries is part of the risk you must accept when you admit them to Day Play.
  • Diarrhea & Weight Loss – Weight loss during boarding is common, as well as loose stool or diarrhea (Colitis) within a short time after returning home. Dogs away from home get excited by new sites, surroundings, and other dogs. And get even more excited as soon as they are picked up by their owners. All of these factors can affect appetite and the physiology of their bowel. These problems often resolve on their own in a few days, but are typically easy to treat if necessary. Just give us a call we will help you through it if needed.