The best care for your pet comes from a lifetime approach, supported by the guidance of a trusted veterinary team.

Veterinary Care

We are the value leader in medical care for pets with the most affordable preventative health care, surgery, and dentistry packages in our class. Our knowledgeable staff and well-equipped facilities allow us to deal with the majority of pet medical and surgical conditions, with top priority given to client education.

Medical + Surgical Services

CityVet is the best choice and best value for primary medical care, elective and non-elective surgeries. Our protocols include a best practice approach to pre-medications and anesthesia, monitoring, and IV catheter and fluid support, with a focus on pain control and safety. Even routine surgeries are handled with the safest and most progressive standards to keep your pet comfortable and minimize the stress they experience.

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Vaccines + Wellness

Unlike many low-cost clinics, we use the safest and most effective vaccines; the most comprehensive and accurate heartworm and fecal screening tests; and the best parasite control products. Our exam fees are well below the local average, and each visit includes a physical exam and veterinary consultation to discuss any questions you have about the complete care of your pet.

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Parasite Prevention

Parasite prevention is critically important for the health and comfort of your pets. We know it can be a difficult decision and significant investment for you, so we are committed to being your value leader over other retailers and online pharmacies. As your pet care partner, we can best navigate the complexity of product options available and advise you on the safety, efficacy, and cost benefit of each product.

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Pet Food + Nutrition

It is our firm belief that understanding your pet food options and choosing to feed a healthier food will make a significant difference in your pet’s health and wellbeing — and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Our veterinarian recommended line of pet essentials offers great choices at great value. We have all of the quality foods and supplies you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Boarding + Day Care

Ruffit is not a luxury pet spa and resort. Dogs and cats don’t care about decor or amenities; they care about feeling secure, comfortable, and well-cared for while they are with us. Our goal is to provide our clients with the convenience of one-stop shopping and the unique benefit of veterinary supervision.

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Bathing + Grooming

Your pet can come for a spa day, hair cut and style, or a simple nail trim! Grooming can have many additional health benefits to your pet beside the usual ‘beauty parlor’ look and smell! Remember that an ‘unkept’ animal may be a sign that the animal is not well and should be examined by one of our veterinarians.

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Additional Services

Read more about additional services offered by CityVet.

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